Citizens For Delaware Schools

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Children Need the Opportunities to Learn and Skills to Succeed

Let’s give them that chance by voting wisely on their behalf in the May 14 School Board elections.  

The 2024 School Board Voters Guide is here!


  • There are eight contested elections, four in New Castle County, one in Kent County and three in Sussex County.
  • Of the 24 seats up for election, 54% are uncontested.
  • Nine candidates, including several unopposed, completed our survey.
  • Since most school board elections have poor turnout, your vote can have an oversized impact on the outcome.
Our 2024 School Board Voters Guide page is your complete source about the elections, the questions we asked the candidates, and who answered them. You’ll also be able to find links to request absentee ballots, find polling places and more.
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Interested in running for school board in the future?

There’s no better time than an active school board election to express your interest in running for a future School Board seat. Give yourself a year to learn more about your district. Helping a current candidate with their campaign will give you an idea of what is involved in campaigning to get elected. The more time a candidate has to prepare, the better.

The schedule of seats for future elections can be found on the Department of Elections site. See if you are in a nominating district that is going to face an election in 2025. Or you can send me an inquiry to Better still, click on the link below.

Successful candidates have these qualities:

  •  Make decisions based on shared community values and common sense
  • Already involved in the community or with a district school
  • Courage
  • Are educated on the issues school boards address
  • A passion for improving children’s education