Citizens For Delaware Schools

Candidates for Strong Schools

2024 School Board Elections

It’s not too early for people to think about running for school board. These roles are challenging but immensely rewarding in helping kids get a better education, enabling teachers to deliver instruction in a safe, orderly classroom, and encouraging parents to stay involved. 

The successful candidate must have these qualities to be successful:

  • Share our values and makes decisions based on them
  • Strong community and/or school involvement 
  • Courage
  •  A commitment to campaign hard leading up to the election
We care less what your political affiliation is and more about the positions you will support as a school board member.

The following chart shows the school board seats that are up for election in May 2024.  Some at-large seats have a number by them to represent the specific at-large seat up for election. 

If you or someone else who shares our values is interested in running, let us know ASAP by using the Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

Our values are embedded in these five issues:    

  • Ensure schools embrace policies to create safe, positive learning environments for students and teachers
  • Greater focus on improving student academic proficiency in language arts, math, and history/civics
  • Stronger engagement and involvement of parents with their children in their education 
  • Balanced funding of public education
  • More attention to better prepare all students to be good citizens